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Here’s a video – brand new on October 15.  Early voting starts on the 17th.  Please share it and help me spread the word about the great opportunities in our future.


Thanks and appreciation to the Asheboro Courier-Tribune for this coverage of the County Commissioner race. It’s a good opportunity for voters to compare our priorities and qualifications. I recommend it even though they put somebody else’s picture up front… Please take time to read it; and then exercise your right to vote!  Just click the link above.  And then, if you’re not already a subscriber, please become one.  Without a local newspaper we’re no longer a community…just a place.



No elected official should intentionally mislead the public.  It erodes the trust that democracy requires.  But all three incumbent County Commissioners are doing that.  They have supported redirecting more than $12 million that voters specifically approved for Randolph Community College to other purposes.  They are misleading the public when they say the money wasn’t approved by voters as long term funding for development of the college.  Here is a summary of the facts.

In 2008 the economy was in crisis and Commissioners needed money but didn’t want to raise property taxes.  They asked voters to approve a sales tax increase of 1/4 of 1%.  Voters turned it down by a 70% to 30% margin.

In 2009 County Commissioners decided to go to voters again but this time the tax was  specifically for RCC.   Commissioners asked College officials to persuade voters to approve it.  One Commissioner questioned whether the tax should be temporary.  They decided to make it permanent.   The December 7, 2009 Commissioners  meeting minutes are included to document what I have written.

As a Commissioner, I will fulfill my responsibility to honor the will of voters.  I have pledged to work to keep the money where voters put it.  Why do the incumbents not understand that responsibility?

More information and links to news coverage about the RCC Tax are available.  CLICK HERE.


My opponent and other incumbent County Commissioners plan to build rodeo rings with money that voters approved for our Community College.  At the Courier-Tribune’s candidate forum, I pledged to keep that money where voters put it and invited my opponent, Hope Haywood, to join me.  She refused.  So did David Allen and Darrel Frye.

They argue that county Commissioners have the authority to do it (and they do).  It’s legal but it’s wrong.  Here’s why.

In 2010, Randolph County citizens voted to create a long-term   funding mechanism for buildings and equipment at Randolph Community College (RCC).   It is a sales tax of 1/4 of 1 percent.   When you spend $4, it costs you 1¢.     It was voters, not commissioners who put the tax in place.    Taking that money for other uses is a breach of trust with voters.  I’ve read and copied microfilmed news stories from that time and I’ve highlighted key points.  Click links below to see the facts. 

THE FACTS ABOUT RCC FUNDING(News coverage of the vote)

BORROW $58 MILLION FOR AG EVENT CENTER(From minutes of 07/09/2018 commissioners meeting) My opponent, Hope Haywood, seconded the motion.

PLAN TO TAKE RCC FUNDS AND RAISE TAXES(From minutes of 08/06/2018 Commissioners meeting)

We need our Community College now more than ever.  That is where many of our young adults are getting skills for good 21st century jobs – x-ray technicians, welders, information technology specialists, registered nurses, and the list goes on.  It’s also where some of them get their first two years of college.  When jobs disappear, RCC is the place where many of our neighbors learn new skills to support their families.  That’s a lot more important than rodeos.

Every year our average incomes are dropping further behind the North Carolina average.  Cattle shows won’t help with that problem.  The college will.  As we develop a skilled workforce we’ll be able to recruit more jobs with good wages.   If we also support excellence in our K-12 schools, they will become an economic development magnet.  People working throughout the Triad region will be inclined to build or buy homes here if our schools are the best for their children.

I pledge to you today, as I did at the forum, that I will honor the decision made by voters by protecting the funding that they approved for our  College.  Please consider this question when you vote,  “Which are you, your family, and neighbors more likely to benefit from, an excellent Community College or an excellent cattle show arena?”

Please support me with your vote and by sharing this information with other voters.  You can do that by sharing this link: EDUCATION OR RODEOS?




Why would someone locate a business or buy a home in Randolph County?  It’s an important question in our upcoming election of County Commissioners.  You don’t hear the incumbent commissioners talking about it, but I will because it’s a major reason why I’m running for office.  People are leaving our community because we are not taking advantage of our opportunities.  Opportunity, it is said, doesn’t knock twice.  We must act on it while it’s here.

We should make Randolph County the best place to live in the Piedmont Triad by focusing on three priorities:

  1. Create the best K-12 and Community College education in the region.
  2. Be the best place for family-oriented lifestyle including recreation, arts and activities.
  3. Be a safe and healthy place to live.

Read more about how and why below.


Please help! Campaign materials are here

We now have a good supply of yard signs, bumper stickers and handout cards.  All are available at Democratic HQ,  114 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro, NC 27203 between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM on weekdays or by other arrangement.  Call Bob Morrison at (336 953-2643 for delivery or Susie Scott, County Chairperson (336) 953-3884 for pickups at Democratic HQ outside normal hours.  You may also request materials by clicking the “Contact Us” button on the website.

Our bumper stickers are plastic and they are easily removable with no residue on windows or paint.  Please get one.  Few candidates use them and for that reason we’re hoping that ours will be more effective.

(Materials for other Democratic Candidates are also available at HQ.)

A silver lining inside the opiod crisis cloud?

In most cases it isn’t legal to use Medicaid funding for treatment of prisoners but it is legal to cover those on probation.  If we would put non-violent addicts on probation and restrict them to a residential treatment facility we could provide treatment with Medicaid funding.  The local cost would be far less than building and operating the jail expansion that is currently needed.  We would create new jobs for the staff of the treatment facility.  (That is economic development and job creation.)  A significant number of addicts would recover and return to productive roles in the community rather than recycling through our criminal justice system at the taxpayers’ expense. Continue reading A silver lining inside the opiod crisis cloud?


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